Press Comments on STAR

Over the past few years the STAR methods have received considerable press coverage. From this page you may link to comment and analysis of STAR from the following sources:

The Financial Times


Several articles by FT journalist Philip Coggan commenting on STAR appeared in the FT between 2003 and 2005. as below:

The Financial Times (2003 to 2004) and The Financial Times (2005)

In early 2011 Prentice Hall published "Smarter Stock Picking" by FT journalist David Stevenson in which Chapter 9 is devoted to an explanation of the STAR methods.



An article in Bloomberg Money about Income investing mentioned the STAR methods:


The Investors Chronicle


Articles in The Investors Chronicle and the IC Stock Screening Newsletter have covered the STAR methods and portfolio performance in detail together with examples of ten share portfolios set up at various dates: Detailed cover features have been published in the Investors Chronicle of 20th October 2006 and 2nd November 2007. These may be viewed using the links below. A further detailed description of the STAR methods is also set out in the IC Stock Screening Newsletter link.

The Investors Chronicle October 2006
The Investors Chronicle November 2007
Investors Chronicle Stock Screening Newsletter
The Investors Chronicle June 2009


Interactive Investor

In 2006 the editor of the Interactive Investor website interviewed John Mulligan about the STAR methods and results over the past twenty years. Interactive Investor Website (Editorial)

In the same year Interactive Investor asked John Mulligan to write a regular monthly piece on the various STAR portfolios. These articles are archived on the Interactive Investor website


The IRS Report

The IRS Report has been publishing a regular piece on the STAR Income portfolio since 2005. Updates in 2006 and 2007 can be viewed here. IRS 2006 update and IRS 2007 update