Twenty Share Portfolio Results from 1995 to 2013.

The tables, below, track the annual comparative performance of the twenty share growth selections since January 1994. For each year we show the portfolio of 20 shares as at the start date.
The assumption is that an initial sum of £20,000 has been spread equally between the top twenty shares as at the relevant bulletin publication date using the closing mid-market price on that date. Below this we show each month's switches with "nominal" proceeds from shares flagged as sales re-invested in the cheapest shares, not already held, on that month's purchase list. When more than one sale is flagged in any month total proceeds are divided equally between shares "purchased". Please note that transaction costs have been excluded and no credit has been assumed for dividends that would have been received in any year.
At the end of each year portfolios have been re-balanced by re-investing the aggregate portfolio value equally into the top twenty shares in the January list for the subsequent year.
To access the full results for each year please click on the link below for the relevant year.

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Please note results for 2013 are up to end October 2013